Clown Show: Zelensky Might Appear at the Oscars


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has been in talks with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to make a video appearance during Sunday’s broadcast of the Academy Awards, according to the New York Post.

Seriously, not satire.

We aren’t living in reality in this country. Thank a Democrat. They’re making fools of us.

I’ll be sure not to tune in. I wouldn’t have anyway. The Oscars are dead to me.

Academy officials still are debating on whether Zelensky will indeed appear briefly on the show, sources said. It’s also not clear if he would appear live or in a taped message. Sources said the debate centers on whether the Oscars should remain apolitical as the Russian invasion of Ukraine rages on.

This is ridiculous.

ABC, which is broadcasting the show, is said to be in favor of Zelensky, a former actor and still an actor, making a statement. ABC did not return requests for comment.

Meanwhile, it’s believed that Ukrainian-born actress Mila Kunis, who raised $35 million with her husband, Ashton Kutcher, for the Ukrainian refugees, will make a statement during the awards show.

Zelensky has been vocal about his gratitude for Kutcher and Kunis’ efforts.

Communist Chavez-lover Sean Penn weighs in:

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