Clown World! Dealing With Offenders in New York City


Nothing is more clownish than New York law enforcement. It’s not the police’s fault; it’s the leadership.


Take the new proposal to stop the financial bleeding from people jumping turnstiles instead of paying the fare. The biggest problem is the homeless, but it now includes business people. Why should they pay if others don’t? The new proposal is what you’d expect.

The MTA loses $700 million in revenue not collected in 2022 alone. This includes $315 million lost in bus fares, $285 million in subway fares, $46 million in bridge and tunnel tolls, and $44 million in railroad fares.

Police aren’t allowed to do anything to offenders.

The MTA proposes that offenders get a ticket, and after they’re caught five times, they go to jail. Of course, they probably commit the crime many times before they’re caught.

They’re also spending $45 million annually with a fare evasion technique known as “back cocking.” That happens when the arm is pulled back on a turnstile, and the person slips through the gate.

They adjusted turnstiles and now, the offenders are back to jumping the turnstiles again.

Brothels of New York

We now allow brothels and the people who frequent them in New York City. Mayor Adams rode with the NYPD and visited one of the brothels.

They didn’t arrest the hookers or the pimps, or the Johns. Instead of that, they slapped a sticker on the door that said it was closed.

Race Paranoid Councilman

In another instance, one of the councilmen said he wouldn’t ride with the police ever again after he was stopped because of his race. That turned out to not be true.

Councilman Yusef Salaam is a former convict accused of attacking the Central Park jogger. He was freed based on DNA that showed he didn’t rape the jogger.

He was angry that he was stopped for tinted windows that were too dark. That’s a common stop. As soon as he introduced himself as a councilman, the officer let him go. The officer was very polite. The councilman lied about it, claiming he was the victim of racial profiling.

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27 days ago

DNA evidence means nothing if it wasn’t collected and it wasn’t in use at the time. By the way this animal confessed. So who are we to believe his lying confession or his current lies? These rapists should have been executed. And the video proves he is still a lying piece of Obamaism.