Clown World! Donald Trump’s Jury Is a WaPo Dream Jury


The jury has been chosen in the Manhattan NDA case (aka Hush Money trial) against Donald Trump. It’s a bad jury for Trump, but it would be a great jury for Joe Biden. I’ve included a brief description of the jurors from Newsmax, but they left out the full description of the man who follows Trump and listens to Michael Cohen’s podcast.

FOX News reported today that Trump-hating Judge Juan Merchan seated a juror who was arrested in the 90s for destroying/vandalizing conservative political posters. The juror didn’t bother including it in his bio. He’s going to be fair?

The jury is a typical Manhattan, New York Times, WaPo (Washington Post), Facebook, late-night comedy crowd—and definitely too many women. Four Manhattan women are too many.

The prosecution won’t let the defense know who the first witness will be, so the defense attorneys can’t properly prepare. Conflicted Judge Juan Merchan is siding with the prosecution.

The gag order is absurd. Donald Trump can’t criticize anyone, or it’s called intimidation. Meanwhile, the judge’s daughter makes money off this trial as president of a Democrat fundraising company.

Then, Soros District Attorney Alvin Bragg will bring up the alleged violations of the gag orders next week. Trump retruthed other people’s comments. He will likely lose. If he violates the order after that, Mrechan will likely imprison him. He had threatened prison when President Trump mumbled too loudly about a juror under his breath.

The entire case is about a category error on paperwork. It’s not about his alleged affair with the hooker. Both the hooker/porn star and Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen are known liars. Cohen is a convicted liar.

This case is a federal misdemeanor at most, and Bragg turned it into a Manhattan felony, bypassing the statute of limitations.

The Southern District of New York and the State refused to take up the case, and they aren’t Trump fans.

This is a “get Trump” case.

He doesn’t have any chance to get a fair trial or acquittal. Pray for a hung jury. If he gets one holdout, that would do it. However, that crew doesn’t look like it has a holdout. Ninety percent of the people in Manhattan voted for Dementia Joe.

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