Dems Save Speaker Johnson’s $95B Foreign Aid Package


Democrats saved Speaker Johnson’s $95 billion foreign aid plan after a GOP rebellion blocked it. Democrats took the unusual step of backing what they’re calling a partisan procedural vote, which tells us that Democrats desperately want this bill.

The bill will be considered in four individual components on Saturday. Democrats bucked party norms to do it, which tells you all you need to know about this bill. It’s a Democrat bill. It passed 316 to 94.

They will be voted on as four individual bills, followed by amendment votes and four votes for passage on Saturday.

The Four Bills

Three of the four bills fund Ukraine, Israel, and the Indo-Pacific. A fourth bill includes national security priorities like the House’s recently passed crack down on TikTok’s ownership and the repo act, which would liquidate seized Russian assets and give that money to Ukraine.

The entire media, including Fox, is making this an issue of rogue conservatives who are against it as opposed to the more reasonable Republicans and Democrats. That is somewhat infuriating since the open border is literally destroying the country, and they are doing nothing about it.

Even the TikTok bill isn’t great. If it was just doing something about TikTok, that’s fine. However, it’s not. It could apply to all apps. That’s a free speech issue. As for the repo act of Russian assets, it ensures that negotiations with Russia will become even more impossible.

And you know what’s missing? The border security is missing. They allegedly have some border measures in it, but they’re probably just more money to spend on illegal aliens here to give them more dignity. At least, that’s what the last bill had in it.

We are $35 trillion in debt and ran up a $1.1 trillion deficit in about five months. We don’t have any money. Read more here.

Who Is Speaker Johnson?

Speaker Mike Johnson believes in fake systemic racism. He claims it’s a “fact,” and we need “transformative solutions.” He sounds Uniparty-ish. He claims his black son has more problems than his white son because of his skin color.

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