Clown World: Ignoring Vandalism of Monuments


Three teenagers were arrested after a pride crosswalk was damaged in Spokane, Washington, last Wednesday. It was recently repainted after a liquid was poured on it, and someone set it on fire.

On Wednesday, three young people riding LIME scooters were seen riding over the mural more than once.

Social media users blasted the arrests, arguing the mural shouldn’t be painted on a roadway if authorities don’t want people to ride over it.

When scooter riders refused to stop, they cursed at the witnesses. One witness said the marks were intentional.

Officers observed widespread damage of black scuff marks. There were 14 black skidmarks, according to the media.

Rusian Turko, 19, and two minors would be charged with first-grade malicious mischief. First-degree malicious mischief is a gross misdemeanor punishable by a year in prison and a $5,000 fine.

Lime adjusted their scooters so that if anyone rides over the mural, they will stop automatically.

You can still burn an American flag freely, and nothing will happen to you. However, the political PRIDE statement on a public road is sacrosanct. If vandalism of politicized crosswalks is not OK, why are vandalizing monuments and abusing law enforcement A-OK if Democrats do it?

Nothing at all happened to the people for vandalizing monuments while a Park Ranger stood there having bottles and signs thrown at him.

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