Clown World! Kimmel: Saying Joe Has Dementia Is “Serious Crazy Talk”


Who’s the cuckoo?

Clown World hit the world of political comedy in the form of Jimmy Kimmel. Kimmel opened his monologue by calling Vivek Ramaswamy a “clown who ran for president,” who then “added his nut voice to the chorus of cuckoos” surrounding the speculation over Swift being used as a Democrat operative.

He then characterized the belief that Joe Biden is suffering from early onset dementia as part of “some serious crazy talk” being circulated by Republicans.

“So let me get this straight,” said Kimmel.

“The same people who believe Joe Biden has dementia and needs Kamala Harris to feed him butterscotch tapioca every night also believe that he has somehow planned and executed a diabolically brilliant scheme to fix the NFL playoffs so the biggest pop star in the world could pop up on the Jumbotron during the Super Bowl during a Kia and a Tostitos commercial to hypnotize her 11-year-old fans into voting for Joe Biden?”

“These people think football is fake and wrestling is real,” he added.

Late-night comedy is fake comedy and real advertising for the Communist Democrat Party.

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28 days ago

Does anyone watch this groomer? I remember Johnny Carson and this gerbil isn’t fit to clean John’s toilet with his tongue. Which I understand his is prior occupation.

1 month ago

Kimmel is a useful idiot. To the left that is.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 month ago

He is an bad comedian, and has said some awful obscene things.

This has to be paid propaganda, he cannot believe what his script says. We already know that our government funds propaganda in our media.