MI official tells counters to keep multiple ballots with identical signatures


A Michigan Secretary of State official was seen on video telling counters to include multiple ballots with the same signature during an audit in Antrim County.

Earlier this week, Judge Kevin A Elsenheimer granted Constitutional Attorney Matthew DePerno, on behalf of his client William Bailey, the right to conduct a forensic audit of more than a dozen Dominion Voting machines in Antrim County, Michigan.

These are the machines that were involved in the flipping of about 4,000 votes from Trump to Biden. Some reports say there were 16 machines, and others say 22.

Mr. Bailey was concerned about a marijuana vote, but Mr. DePerno was concerned about the votes’ flipping.

The audit reportedly showed that the votes flipping were not caused by human error, as the secretary of state claimed, but by machine error.


The Allied Security Operations Group conducting the audit concluded that the Dominion Voting machines were assigned a 68.05% error rate.

DePerno explained that when ballots are put through the machine, a 68.05% error rate means that 68.05% of the ballots are sent for bulk adjudication, which means they collect the ballots in a folder.

“The ballots are sent somewhere where people in another location can change the vote,” DePerno explained.

The allowable election error rate established by the Federal Election Commission guidelines is 1 in 250,000 ballots or .0008%.

DePerno said the machines could not be used, and the election cannot be certified. This audit doesn’t bode well for the other districts where the machines were used.

After the report was published, Secretary of State Benson ordered a risk-limited audit in the Kearney Twp. Hall in Bellaire, Michigan. She sent six of her officials to walk around, ordering counters to do their bidding.

Mr. De Perno observed and provided evidence of a compromised election based on this risk-limited audit, even as the Secretary of State claims it was a most secure election.

He has provided evidence in three videos.

In the first video, a female counter wants to challenge votes with matching signatures. The Secretary of State official insists that they count the defective ballots as legitimate.

In the second video, volunteers questioned why there were fewer ballots in the bin than the original number recorded in the previous recount. Shortly after, a male SOS official approached them with a bag marked “spoiled ballots” and told them to count them. Mr. DePerno witnessed the unidentified male SOS representative pulling the “spoiled ballot bag out of the bin and delivering it to the volunteers who were “auditing” the ballots. DePerno also witnessed the SOS official telling them to add the “spoiled ballots” to the count.

The third video shows a male counter questioning “multiple ballots with the same signature. According to Matthew DePerno, 138 ballots had write-in-votes where the penmanship was the same.

In this video, the SOS official can be seen telling the volunteers who are objecting to adding the ballots in question to the vote total, “This is not an investigation right now!”

She doesn’t explain if this will be handled in the future.

The videos were posted on rumble by The Gateway Pundit.



    • Only real monitoring, real detection, prosecution and jail time for people who engage in election interference and fraud. Without that elections can’t be trusted.

    • You punish those engaging in fraud and interference so strongly it won’t happen again. We used to turn a blind eye towards it. That was foolish. NO MORE

    • They were not caught rigging this election. They made no effort to hide it. It was an “in your face” display of raw political power. Any pussy republican like Romney or Bush would concede and slink away with his tail between his legs but they still don’t understand DJT. They tried to screw the wrong guy and there will be Hell to pay.

  1. Election interference, election fraud and election rigging. When the Executive Order on election interference is implemented a lot of people will have there assets and asses seized.

  2. John Roberts is clearly compromised… and it’s nothing new. What is new is how. The name “John Roberts” appears twice on the 2010 flight manifest of Jeffery Epstein’s “Lolita Express”. Granted, the name is very common… but, coincidentally enough, several low-resolution photos of former President Bill Clinton and several other men partying it up on “Orgy Island” have emerged in the last few weeks… coming from the treasure trove of Epstein evidence… and one of the men looks amazingly like…. you guess it… John Roberts! Now just take a look at Robert’s voting record. The conservative back-stabbing began in…. drum roll please…. late 2010.

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