CNN admits they’re using COV to push their [socialist] agenda


CNN’s John Harwood admits in this clip that they are using the COVID crisis to push their [socialist] agenda.

John Harwood quoted Rahm Emanuel saying, ‘Never let a good crisis go to waste’ to explain that Democrats are using the emergency COVID relief bill to push their agenda on the wealth gap.

Democrats’ socialist idea of leveling the playing field will make us all poor. They want to get rid of the merit system.

Harwood called it the ‘dominant issue’ in Democratic politics over the past few decades. The emergency bill will include expanded Obamacare subsidies, expanded child tax credits, more subsidies for child care costs, and subsidized employment for low-income Americans.

That last one is universal basic income, which is a communist tenet.

They want to make the COVID package so popular that it will become permanent.

Harwood discusses the political machinations of not putting too many of these free benefits in the package for fear of turning off some more moderate Democrats.’

It shouldn’t be a problem. There are no moderate Democrats left.


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