Nikki Haley torched and booed! She betrayed Trump after she used him for 4 years


Nikki Haley is a typical politician who can’t be trusted and doesn’t have a solid core of beliefs. Haley is what is wrong with DC.

She’s been wavering between supporting Donald Trump or not. Apparently, she’s decided to not only not support him, but trash him. She chose to do an interview with a left-wing publication, Politico, in which she said some awful things about the former president. This is after she used him for four years.

The commoners like us have been railing against her on social media. No one, except the occasional Democrat who wants the GOP to fail, supports her for the presidency in 2024.

We have some of the responses below.

Syndicated host Jesse Kelly responded to Fox’s John Roberts’ silly notion that a Nikki Haley/Tim Scott ticket would be powerful.

Kelly wrote, “…if you talk about politics for a living and you legitimately think Nikki Haley has a chance to be the 2024 nominee, you need to step away for a while. Take some time away from DC and regroup. You define “living in a bubble”.

During the Boston Republican Breakfast, Republican after Republican was applauded by the crowd, until Haley’s name was read, which met with loud booing.

Activist Rogan O’Handley writes that she’d have to switch to the Democrat Party to win.

Dinesh D’Souza’s daughter watched Nikki Haley’s speech during one recent campaign stop and she was very pro-Trump. Even after the January 6th speech, Haley praised Trump. As Dinesh said, she strategically timed the interview with Politico to possibly get Trump convicted.

His daughter, Danielle, an author, said Haley rode Trump’s coattails and perhaps sees him as less popular so it’s a good time to abandon him. In other words, Haley’s an opportunist who has no solid core or set of values.


Lindsey Graham took shots at her.

“Democrats have sat on the sidelines and watched the country be burned down for a year and a half and haven’t said a damn word. Most Republicans are tired of the hypocrisy, so No, Nikki is WRONG about President Trump,” Graham said.

For only this one time, we agree with Maggie Haberman:

Nick Searcy isn’t going to forgive her:

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