Dems’ re-introduce bill to kill millions of jobs and destroy the gig economy


Democrats re-introduced the Pro Act, which will destroy independent contracting and begin the process of putting labor in charge of the U.S. economy.

Biden has the most radical plan to overturn the economy. Under the cloak of ‘workers’ rights,’ he will regulate workers and take away their freedom to not join a union. In particular, Biden plans to destroy independent contracting and the ‘gig’ economy.

Labor unions, often governed by the hard-left, will eventually be in full control of the economy, forcing a one-size-fits-all labor system on every state and city and town.

States will no longer control labor. The federal government will.


There is no universal definition for gig work, but the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Contingent Worker Supplement has one that fits well.

Gig work, aka “electronically mediated work” and “online platform work,” describes an employment structure where workers use a company website or mobile app to get temporary jobs from customers. They receive compensation from whoever owns the website. They have control over the jobs they accept.

Ride-shares, drivers, delivery drivers, grocery deliverers, freelance writers, photographers, florists, musicians, and housekeepers often use the system. It works for everyone, especially financially.

That will soon end.

Democrats and Biden hate anything that doesn’t have labor in control, so they will destroy gig work with the PRO Act that has now been reintroduced.


The Mackinac Center for Public Policy explains that Biden favors the “ABC” test that underlies California’s notorious AB-5 bill. The ABC test makes it hard for independent workers to have their own businesses. Before multiple exemptions were added through new legislation and voters approved a ballot initiative, AB-5 wreaked havoc on California’s independent contractors. The result was the loss of flexibility, income, and, in some cases, people moving out of the state so they could continue to work.

Biden has called for putting the federal government in control of every state’s economy, with labor having a leading role. The Labor laws will begin that process by upending labor rights:

Basically, Biden wants to abolish right-to-work laws and force all workers to pay union dues. That’s in the Pro Act.

He prefers forced national public-sector bargaining to eliminate states’ rights to handle bargaining. A federal central plan will dictate it.

Elimination of the secret ballot will make it impossible for workers to vote against the union safely. It’s a Biden favorite, and it’s in the Pro Act.

The Pro Act will destroy the gig economy. It will be almost impossible for workers to serve as independent contractors. Freelance journalism is dead. Uber and Lyft are dead.

Biden will require prevailing wages for federal contractors. Federal contractors will be forced to pay workers a much higher wage. Bids will go much higher, and the cost of federal infrastructure plans will be astronomical.

The Pro Act would allow financial penalties on companies that violate labor laws and reduce the use of the independent contractor classification for workers, among other provisions. It will be tough to fire people. You must have noticed it is impossible to fire government workers.

This is what Biden wants for his union buddies, and the PRO Act will do most of what he wants. Unions helped write it. It puts them in charge of labor in this country.

Unions have seriously harmed education, government, and whole states. They now want to do that for the entire country.

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Cheeky Lil' Monkey
Cheeky Lil' Monkey
3 years ago

The first thing Hitler did besides taking away the private ownership of guns was abolish the unions. Union=commie.
Utopia? Bwahaha! Get ready for a Mad Max Snake Plissken EFNY hellhole on steroids but at least we won’t have the bad orange tweets. Show me on this doll where they hurt you.
Too many pies for the CPUSA comrades to dip their mitts into with unions for some of that indispensable redistribution for the good of the unity collective.
Did those exploited monkey laborers ever unionize? Monkeys of the world unite and throw off the imperialist capitalist pig oppressor exploiters! Forward.
Note to Wal-Mart (CCP) workers, they will close up entire stores if you try to unionize but maybe not under esteemed CCP member comrade kommissar Xi Obiden.

3 years ago

The Goons are making Fascism go nationwide.