CNN and NBC paid tens of thousands of dollars for radical’s Capitol riot video


Insurgence USA leader John Sullivan who has paraded around with Antifa and Black Lives Matter was paid thousands of dollars for his Capitol Hill riot by NBC and CNN.

What isn’t clear is if he went to this event with the deal beforehand. It would seem so. He was with a CNN reporter for at least some of the time.

The clip below is footage of CNN’s Jade Sacker inside the U.S. Capitol with far-leftist(s) John Sullivan celebrating after they allegedly infiltrated Trump supporters and incited a riot, “We did it!”

“You’re not filming this are you?” asks Sullivan.

“I’ll delete that shit,” he says.

In the video, Sullivan was following and encouraging the Trump supporters (so was the CNN reporter) from the entrance of the Capitol all the way to the moment when 35-year-old Ashli Babbitt was shot and killed by a Capitol Police officer.

Why did CNN send one of the most radical communists they could find into the Capitol with their reporter?

And he is a known radical. Look at what he did in Utah before the riot:

This reminds me of CNN showing up for the Roger Stone arrest. They were told in advance. How much did CNN know about the January 6 riot? And when did they know it? They sent a reporter in with Sullivan and he tried to stir up the mob.

There is more to know here.

In arguing he was a journalist and not an agent provocateur, Sullivan’s lawyer, Steven Kiersh, submitted four invoices purportedly from major broadcasters. CNN and NBC each paid Sullivan $35,000 for the video. Another $5,000 for footage from Showtime’s The Circus, and $2,375 from an Australian Broadcasting Corporation dated January 27.

The Justice Department previously laid out how Sullivan allegedly violated a Utah judge’s conditions of release, including accessing three of his Twitter accounts in contravention of the court’s instructions.

The Justice Department previously unsuccessfully sought to have him jailed pending trial for allegedly violating the terms of his release, but a D.C.-based magistrate judge on Tuesday rejected the DOJ’s efforts.

His attorney wants us to believe he was simply. a journalist.

“Insurgence USA is absolutely the instrumentality through which Mr. Sullivan committed the relevant acts,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Candice Wong said, according to  Politico. “It is Mr. Sullivan’s reason for being there and for his criminal participation in the riot.” The prosecutor called Sullivan “a sort of expert resource for rioters” as she alleged that “under the guise of journalism … he is engaged in and incited violent activity.”

Sullivan told InfoWars he stands by his actions, saying, “I am definitely not responsible for anything that took place.”

Sullivan voluntarily spoke with the bureau and “claimed to be an activist and journalist that filmed protests and riots, but admitted that he did not have any press credentials,” the FBI wrote.

However, he was more culpable than that.

When Sullivan reached the Speaker’s Lobby, he allegedly told police guarding the door, “We want you to go home.” The FBI said officers began to exit, and members of the crowd moved toward the doors, with Sullivan yelling, “Go! Get this s—!” The crowd can be seen trying to bust out the glass in the entryway door windows, and his video shows Babbitt getting shot trying to climb through a window.

Before entering the building, Sullivan filmed the crowd pushing through police barriers, and as Sullivan approached the Capitol with a large crowd, he said, “Let’s go! This s— is ours! … Let’s burn this s— down.” Sullivan can be seen joining a crowd trying to open doors guarded by law enforcement and telling the crowd, “I have a knife — let me up,” as the group broke windows. A member of the crowd said officers are “giving us the building,” and Sullivan said, “Haul that motherf—er out this b—-.”

The Justice Department argued that Sullivan “positioned himself with a front seat to not one, but multiple confrontations with officers at multiple locations, and made consistently gleeful exhortations about burning and breaking things.”

The Justice Department has mentioned Sullivan faces charges of rioting in Provo, Utah, his hometown, for a Black Lives Matter protest he helped organize in June 2020. An August video showed Sullivan encouraging a group to attack the White House (see the clip above). Lex Scott, leader of BLM’s Utah chapter,  described Sullivan as a “loose cannon” and said, “We do not want to be associated with” him.

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Never There by Cake
Never There by Cake
3 years ago

The Fake Newz Entertainment Industry is big business in the land of make believe.
Hollywood and Disneyland couldn’t keep up with the Clowns Not Newz queef goblins.
True believers will use any means necessary in order to burn it all down.
We need a Wayne Gale school of journalism where the comrades could pat themselves on the back all day and tell everyone about that keg stand thirty years ago at Marxist U. after the Dave Mathews Band concert.
Later there could be a people’s unity tour of the hall of participation trophies complete with CCCP (USSR) agitprop posters on the wall.