We Lost the Great Rush Limbaugh Today


Radio talk show host and conservative political commentator Rush Limbaugh died today at age 70 from a very aggressive form of lung cancer.

Rush Limbaugh revolutionized talk radio and epitomized traditional America and the values of Ronald Reagan.

His humor and powerful rhetoric was often misunderstood by critics. To those of us who value conservatism and freedom, he was a gift from God. He gave us a voice we were previously denied.

He never had a rigid set of tenets and always said conservatism was just common sense.

Rush Limbaugh was unique and his voice will be greatly missed. He was fearless and can never be replaced. There is no one like him which is why his enemies hated him.

While most people are offering condolences on Twitter, they are trending under, ‘good riddance’ and ‘Rest in Piss.’ It perfectly describes the hatred the Left feels for all conservatives. Jack Dorsey could stop that but he chose not to.

His producer posted what so many of us feel:

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