CNN asks if chants of “lock her up” don’t warrant time in a Federal Pen

Screenshot of the crazy witch

CNN’s famous anchor, the affected elitist Christiane Amanpour suggested that Trump supporters who jokingly chanted, “Lock her up,” at Trump rallies should be arrested by the FBI and thrown in Federal prisons.

The biased broad never said anything like that when Ilhan Omar ranted against Jews or when the hard-left slammed Supreme Court building doors cursing and threatening Justice Kavanaugh and his family.

Amanpour made the comment while interviewing Jim Comey. Even the disgraced FBI director said people are allowed to speak freely. Even him!

“That’s not a role for government to play,” Comey said a little perplexed by the question. “The beauty of this country is people can say what they want even if it’s misleading and its demagoguery. The people should have shut it down. We’re Republicans who understand the rule of law and the values that they claim to stand for, shame on them, but it wasn’t a role for government to play.”

The left wants to be in charge of the definition of hate speech and then they want to ban it under threat of banishment, fines, and imprisonment. Facebook is about to ban all hate speech as defined by Zuckerberg, and they have already made the Capitalism Is Freedom Facebook page nearly invisible. Our numbers at the Sentinel have gone way down because of it.

If Democrats become the only party with power over us, God help us.



  1. How enlightening of a statement by Comey:

    “I don’t fear it personally. I fear it as a citizen,” he said. “Right? Investigate what? Investigate that investigations were conducted? What would be the crime you’d be investigating? So it’s a terrible cycle to start.”

    What was HIS investigation about and his purpose in having a Special Counsel involved. His “evidence” of a crime was a ‘political’ document which he then lied to a court about and even signed his name to. Which is the Worse crime, using a political document or, lying to the FISA court. I seriously doubt he was ‘unaware’ that Carter Page worked ‘undercover’ FOR the FBI in getting information On Russians. I suspect part of that FISA warrant included his undercover work and was spun to FISC labeling him a Russian agent. I further suspect that is part of the redaction and, no doubt, hell will be raised if That is found out. If that is so then everyone who signed that warrant will be culpable and could face legal jeopardy. In addition, it will be a black mark on the entire FBI / DOJ. What citizen would want to work “with” the FBI in the future ‘knowing’ they will use Your efforts for nefarious purposes. It’s a situation they very well may not recover from. Certainly the FBI never expected their abuse of FISA to ever see the light of day, so using the “name” of someone who worked against Russia could be tasked for other purposes. In the secrecy of the investigation there would be cover for that purpose, since there was never an intention to charge Carter Page himself. He would only be a tool for the clandestine operation. When considering all this, one must conclude it is truly a pathetic operation. One must wonder if this is how Government agencies generally operate.

  2. The left wants it both ways at once. The entire purpose is to control the narrative. If only one side of the argument gets to speak to the public that that side automatically wins the argument by default. And let’s fact it, as their socialist arguments are generally nonsense that’s the only way that they ever win.

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