CNN Calls for China’s Communist System of Central Planning


CNN analyst James Griffiths promoted communism two days ago and will probably be out celebrating May Day as I write this. If you wonder what CNN is up to with all their fake news, tearing down of the ‘America First’ president, and the non-stop ardent defense of communism, we have the answer. They prefer the Chinese communism of central planning and think it’s a superior system to ours.

Griffiths claims the pandemic is not a “crisis of communism” and it’s “debatable how communist modern China actually is…”

Employing Chinese propaganda tactics, Griffiths makes it clear that calling the virus “China flu,” “Wuhan virus,” “CPC virus [Communist Party Chinese]” or “Xi flu,” is ethnically-tinged against Asians.

In other words, using anything that connects it to China or its communist party is racism.

As an aside, in no way do we blame the oppressed Chinese people for the corrupt politics of Xi. We separate out the politics and the people, however, we will never accept their politics. It threatens the world and could easily kill another 100 million people.

But his pro-communist creed gets better. In the first paragraph below, CNN’s analyst goes along with China’s lies about how many died. In the next two, he regales the Chinese Communist system:

“But for some, the Beijing model is not necessarily looking so bad. China, despite being where the virus first emerged, has coped with the ensuing pandemic far better than many other countries, even though those countries had a longer warning time and greater chance to prepare.”

“The crisis has also highlighted the benefits of a strong government and centralized planning, while…exposing the limitations of private industry to respond quickly, particularly in the healthcare sector.”

“In the United States, which is often held up — for better or worse — as the example par excellence of a Western democracy, the alternative to the Chinese model appears to be somewhat chaotic. Far from a strong government, Washington has found itself fighting with state officials, facing accusations of pilfering medical supplies, and growing calls for greater state power. Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump has been accused of spreading disinformation and encouraging protests.”

Central planning? Western democracy is chaotic? He is calling for communism. As for the dissension, that is coming from the Democrats who are now under the control of the hard left.

From there, he quotes the German Foreign Minister claiming neither the Chinese nor the US models are superior.

Then Griffiths, the CNN analyst, calls for globalism [neo-communism] and multilateralism. The one thing he doesn’t want to see is ‘America First.’ He wants a strong WHO and the U.N. even though we all know they never have our best interests at heart and are ineffective. He wants the USA dependent on them.

Again promoting Chinese Communist propaganda, He claims:

“China could be perceived to be a strong argument that an empowered state is what is needed to respond to the pandemic. Regardless of the many valid criticisms of how Beijing initially handled the crisis, it appears to have been able to get its domestic epidemic under control and the economy back on track better than many other countries.”

“The US government, meanwhile, presents something of an uneasy contrast: with a President musing about whether ingesting disinfectants could be used to treat the virus and encouraging protesters to demand an end to quarantine measures.”

“Of course, the US is not the only model of a democracy, and the American system is actually something of an outlier compared to much of the developed world.”

“But just as “communist” China has always been a convenient specter for those railing against left-wing policies or a strong government in the West, so too is “democratic” US a handy foil for opponents of liberalism in China and elsewhere,” he states.

He ends on–  for him — the happy note that Beijing has a greater opportunity with this pandemic than its rivals and might  “emerge stronger and more influential than ever before.”

This goes beyond just hating Trump. CNN hates our Republic.

The title of his article: China’s model of control has been blamed for the coronavirus crisis, but for some it’s looking increasingly attractive

The is who CNN is and who Democrats are devolving into.

We won’t link to the article. We don’t link to communists.

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3 years ago

As an aside, why is it not racist to give the Ebola virus its name after a river in Africa, yet calling this virus a Chinese virus is? That’s what I’d like to ask any of those pseudoliberal idiots.

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
3 years ago

Evidence that CNN and the Media/Democratic Party are all aligned with Communism in one form or another

Trotsky's Icepick
Trotsky's Icepick
3 years ago

The CCP Chinky Pox flu has highlighted the crisis of a fifth column of communist RAT traitors who should pack up and go to their socialist utopia of choice.
Planes and ships are leaving daily for the glorious utopias of Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela.
Comrade Hussein Hopenchange opened up the glorious people’s utopia of Cuba for travel.
Here the comrades will find the equality and high quality healthcare and standards of living that they so desire.

Thomas Morgan
Thomas Morgan
3 years ago

If you ever doubted that the CNN crew are communists, this should allay those doubts.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
3 years ago

There are lots of unprincipled people with the inability to analyze and attention span problems, who believe everything on CNN.