CNN Contributor Tells the Truth on Air


Trump “won,” according to CNN contributor Jeffrey Toobin during an interview with Jake Tapper. The legal analyst noted that former national security adviser John Bolton made claims related to the impeachment proceedings, and the Senate didn’t call him to testify.

“Trump won. He’s going to win this trial,” said Toobin, a former federal prosecutor. “He won on the issue of witnesses. He’s going to get acquitted. And that’s how history will remember what went on here.”

Toobin went on to say, in reference to John Bolton, “I think history will also record that there are at least one — and perhaps other pivotal, pivotal witnesses who were available to the Senate to talk about the precise issue that is the subject of this impeachment trial and the Senate decided not to hear from him.”

Calling witnesses was the House’s job. They said they had an airtight case. The President isn’t impeached forever as Nancy said, he’s acquitted forever.


Brilliant attorney, Alan Dershowitz told Hannity that the President will no longer be impeached once he is acquitted.

“Nancy Pelosi has pulled a real sharp one.  She’s said even if he’s acquitted and vindicated he’s still impeached.  That should not be how it is.  Why?  He did not have a fair trial.  He was indicted.  And what happens if a person is acquitted after indictment?   The indictment disappears…   And when you deny someone due process saying, “Well we’re only indicting him.”   You can’t come back and say, “But he’s still indicted!”  If he wins this I think no one should regard him as having been impeached anymore than you would regard someone who’s indicted as still being indicted if he won a unanimous twelve-person jury.”

Jake Tapper is near-distraught that the Republicans didn’t call John Bolton so he could damage their president:

President Trump called the process “the most unfair witch hunt” in the history of Congress while claiming that Democrats “had no case” in a tweet on Friday.

Crybaby Leftists performed outside, screaming, ‘shame, shame, shame:

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