CNN duo discuss not letting Biden debate since the “bar is set so low” for him


CNN host and guest debated not letting Joe Biden near a debate stage.

CNN analyst Joe Lockhart, who used to be Bill Clinton’s press secretary, wants Joe Biden [the demented] kept off the stage. He doesn’t admit to the real reason but comes up with an argument about OrangeManBad.

Democratic strategists and supporters, in general, are urging Biden to not debate President Donald Trump in the lead-up to Election Day. They claim it’s because of Trump’s publicity stunts and disregard for the rules in 2016.

Former White House Press Secretary Joe Lockhart joined several Democratic Party strategists in bluntly advising Biden, “whatever you do, don’t debate Trump.” Speaking on CNN Saturday, Lockhart said Trump shouldn’t be given another platform which will enable him to “repeat lies,” which he claimed occurred in the 2016 debates against Hillary Clinton.

“We saw in the debates in 2016 Hillary Clinton showed a mastery of the issues, every point she made was more honest and bested Trump,” Lockhart told CNN. “But Trump came out of the debates doing better I think because he just kept repeating the same old lies: ‘we’re going to build a wall and Mexico is going to pay for it,’ ‘we’re going to keep all those Mexican rapists out of the country,’ and ‘we’re going to make great trade deals’ — none of these things have come to pass.”

They say it’s not worth the risk of putting Joe on the debate stage. They are pretending Donald Trump lied 20,000 times and Biden will have to fact-check him over and over. “We shouldn’t put him in that position,” he said.

This is not a parody. Does anyone truly believe Joe can fact check anyone? These two actually, although they won’t admit it, want to protect Joe from himself.

At one point, the host says “the performance bar is set so low for Joe” that he only has to show up on Election Day.

He can’t remember words like “equal.” Let’s just keep pretending Joe’s got all his marbles. If he doesn’t make it to November 3rd, they can always pull an El Cid (see below).

El Cid has one of the best all-time movie endings. He died before the final big battle and there was no one to lead his army.

No problem, they simply strapped him to his horse, paraded him before his people, and sent him off to lead the Army. The enemy was startled to see the dead man had come back to life.

Watch the great ending and imagine how we might do this for Joe if needed:

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