CNN Goes to War Over Rice Spy Scandal as She Admits Unmasking


If you haven’t noticed, CNN has gone to war in defense of Obama spy Susan Rice. Rice was on CNN this morning claiming she did unmask but leaked nothing to nobody during an interview with Andrea Mitchell. She didn’t do it for political reasons either – of course not.

MITCHELL: “Within that process, and within the context of the Trump campaign, the Trump transition, did you seek the names of people involved in — to unmask the names of people involved in the Trump transition, the Trump campaign, people surrounding the President-elect in order to spy on them and expose them.”

RICE: “Absolutely not for any political purposes, to spy, expose, anything.“

MITCHELL: “Did you leak the name of Mike Flynn?”

RICE: “I leaked nothing to nobody and never have and never would. Let me explain this. First of all, Andrea, to talk about the contents of a classified report, to talk about the individuals on the foreign side who were the targets of the report itself, or any Americans who may have been collected upon incidentally is to disclose classified information. I’m not going to do that.”

Now listen to what Rice said a couple weeks ago and go to the Eli Lake story.

Judy Woodruff asked Rice about allegations by House Intelligence Chair Devin Nunes that Trump associates and possibly Trump were swept up in surveillance of foreigners. Her response was less than truthful.

“I know nothing about this. I was surprised to see reports from Chairman Nunes on that count today.

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