Democrats’ Filibuster Will Destroy Their Own Rule But Harry Said “Let ’em Do It”


Democrats are so dishonest on the filibuster issue, words cannot adequately describe it. The Democrats are the ones who violated their own filibuster rule but they don’t like it when Republicans do it.

Organizing for America, Obama’s leftist group, is jumping on the Schumer bandwagon. the hack senator from New York decided to go with blocking Neil Gorsuch’s appointment because he wants the rule gone and he wants to blame Republicans. However, that might backfire.

Organizing for America (OFA) sent me two emails today alone. One demonized Mitch McConnell for a “rewrite of the rules”. His “reckless tactic, it said, “is because he can’t get the votes. Using the “nuclear option”, they wrote, for the “seat stolen from Merrick Garland” is “threatening to change the rules in the middle of the game for partisan reasons.” McConnell, they claim is “threatening to ruin the checks and balances that have protected the Supreme Court nomination process for decades.”

There is no nuclear option. It’s an arbitrary rule we don’t need and the Democrats are the ones who obliterated it. Once they violated it, it was over.

Another OFA email advised people how to contact representatives over this “reckless” move. Both emails were fundraising gimmicks.

Keep in mind that NO Supreme Court nominee has ever been filibustered. This is on Democrats, not Republicans.

Remember when Harry Reid said “Let ’em do it.” ?

REPORTER: “Aren’t you worried Republicans will just get rid of the filibuster on the Supreme Court anyway?”

REID: “Let ‘em do it! Why in the world we’d care? We were trying to protect everybody. I mean, if they want simple majority, fine. I mean all these threats, ‘we’re going to change the rules’ … As Senator Schumer said, what is the choice? Continue like we are or have democracy?”

The plan is what Elizabeth Warren foreshadowed in this next clip.

This is how the Democrats will used this: “Republicans will own every attack on a woman’s right to choose,” Warren said, “on voting rights, on LGBTQ rights, on secret spending in our political system and on freedom of speech and religion. Republicans will be responsible for every 5-4 decision that throws millions of Americans under the bus in order to favor the powerful moneyed few who helped put Judge Gorsuch on the bench.”

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6 years ago

ANOTHER reason for term limits on politicians…. TWO TERMS AND OUT… pension for 6 months PERIOD… Then they have to get out and get a REAL job…. none of the forever pension or other benefits…. Live like the rest of us and actually WORK for a change…. An these two fools ( REID AND POCAHONTAS ) and two great examples of this… along with McCain and some others… You want to use a rule for when it benefits YOU, but when someone else uses it ya complain like a 4 year old… Get some cocoa, play dough, grab a coloring book and crayons and go to your SAFE PLACE… hopefully located somewhere in the Middle East…