CNN host asks Hillary’s advice to candidates ‘trying to do what she did’ [videos]


CNN anchor Fareed Zakaria asked Hillary Clinton with a straight face what advice she wanted to give Democrats running for office in 2020. Seriously, he did ask her and this is not satire.

They are all in lala land, all of them, every last one. He asked her what advice she had to give to the 2020 candidates “trying to do what you did.”

Hillary says, “WOW.” We agree, WOW! She lost, remember Fareed? Going by what she said, you have to talk in platitudes about your vision to lose as remarkably as she did.

The wise answer from her would have been to recount a couple of her many errors and tell them to not do the same.

Whatever she did, the candidates should do the opposite and hope the FBI doesn’t catch them for any past criminal activity.

I know what she could tell them — don’t campaign in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. In fact, tell them to ignore the entire mid-west and bad mouth white men, white cops, and just white people in general. Better yet, Zakaria should ask Trump that question.

This just shows what idiots Democrats are.

She also said we’re in the Twilight Zone, and we agree that she’s in the Twilight Zone. Hillary was referring to the Mueller report of the probe her opposition research/dossier led to, but what we mean is she’s batsh** crazy.

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