CNN host targeted GSA Administrator, accused her of killing people, now she’s threatened with death


CNN host Chris Cuomo targeted GSA Administrator Emily Murphy the week after she and her family were threatened with death. It was a week after he told people to pay more attention to her as she lets people die.

His rants were dishonest and illogical. She has nothing to do with COV and Biden has no secret cure. He’s merely a puppet with serious mental deficiencies.

Last week Cuomo plastered Murphy’s photo on the screen as he claimed she was “smiling while you’re dying” of coronavirus. The CNN host declared that she “deserved more attention” for holding up the transition.

He painted her as a killer, one who commits atrocities, because she is not allowing Biden to rush in and save us all. Also, Cuomo presumes to know what is her mind.

No one can save us from COV any more than Trump has. Biden’s COV policy is almost identical to Trump’s, except for the mask 24/7 policy.

Cuomo has stirred up real hate. The responses on his posts talk of revenge and hate, but because they’re Democrats, Twitter allows them to spew and work each other up.

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