CNN made a list of GOP not congratulating Biden as President-elect


CNN made a list of Republicans who didn’t congratulate Joe Biden as President-elect yet. This is Orwellian since Joe didn’t win yet. Also, it should be noted that there is no position of President-Elect.

The Democrat media, at least CNN, according to Matt Schlapp is making it a crime to be a conservative.

CNN is acting like a bully here. Republicans have the right to support their candidate in light of the serious allegations made with evidence.



Biden does not become President until the elections are certified, and the Electoral College says it is so. The Electoral College meets on December 14th, but this year could be different. If the election is still in doubt, President Trump could ask state legislatures to use their plenary powers and set aside all tainted tallies. Democrats only control one state that is in doubt — Nevada.

Contrary to Barack Obama’s 2008 declaration, there is no office of the President-Elect. It’s not a position; it’s a title, one he does not yet have.

The media does not pick the president.

There are rumors that Mitt Romney accepted a position with the Biden administration that could be the shortest on record.

Illegitimate Rule

State governors and courts do not have a say over how elections are held. Pennsylvania changed the rules based on Governor Wolf’s and the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s direction, but that isn’t the Federal election law.

The newly-constituted Pennsylvania rules allowed for only a minimal signature match and no dates on ballots. The state also set up a star chamber, banning Republican observers or placing them so far away, they couldn’t see anything. This alone might not be enough to overturn Pennsylvania, but there are other potential fraud cases in the state.

During the elections of 1800 and 1824, the election ended up in the U.S. House of Representatives, Mike Walsh states at The Epoch Times. Each state delegation gets one vote, and that means Trump wins 31-18. The majority of people live in those states and would defeat the minority Democrats.

There is evidence of fraud in several other key swing states. If nothing else, it is odd that Democrats lost House seats, probably lost the Senate, and didn’t increase statehouses. Yet, they won the presidency.

This is how the people voted for the House:

Yet, we are to believe that in one state, hundreds of thousands of voters allegedly only marked off the president’s box for Biden. They ignore all the others. It is odd.

We don’t know if there is any fraud but we know there is EVIDENCE of fraud that must be investigated, no matter how it turns out.

The media cannot be allowed to pick the President. Their power is already overwhelming.

For Trump to win is a heavy lift. But fraud must be investigated.

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