CNN Praises a War Criminal, and Promotes a Neo-Nazi


CCN has been busy gathering the “facts” of the Ukraine war by interviewing and praising a potential war criminal and interviewing a Nazi for the latest updates. They dub themselves the “most trusted name in news”.


CNN’s Fareed Zakaria interviewed Dr. Gennadiy Druzenko, the head of Ukraine’s Mobile Hospital, who recently told his staff to castrate all wounded Russian soldiers because they’re “cockroaches.” Zakaria shamelessly praised him as a Ukrainian constitutional scholar turned wartime volunteer who is “joining the fight”.

CNN’s mouthpiece Zakaria said Druzenko is a “medical angel” whose job it is to “save lives on the front line.”

When Druzenko’s boast of castrating wounded POWs didn’t go over well, he said he isn’t doing it and won’t. Perhaps that’s the first time he heard it is a war crime.


It doesn’t stop there. CNN couldn’t seem to find anyone else to interview — promote — except Neo-Nazi, Major Denis Prokopenko, who admitted he’s with the Azov Battalion, “an ultra-nationalist militia”.

Ukrainian President Zelensky likes him too.

Zelenskyy conferred the title of Hero of Ukraine to Colonel Volodymyr Baraniuk, Commander of the 36th Separate Marine Brigade, and Major Denis Prokopenko, Commander of the Azov Special Forces Detachment “for the Defense of the Hero City of Mariupol.”


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Conway poppa
Conway poppa
1 year ago

This article is a real glimpse into the real Ukraine. Ukraine is a corrupt cesspool. Our pResident is paying them by the billons to not give up the smut that they have on him. Our money, not Biden’s. He is a thief.

1 year ago

I keep hearing this ridiculous about war crimes. There are no rules in War, so there can’t be War Crimes. The idea of War Crimes is what made the Germans and Japanese fight long after they were defeated. The Leaders did not want to be tried for War Crimes. The winners will always find ways to punish the losing side even after a War is technically over. Rapping the actions of the other side in the cloak of War Crimes is just journalist and politicians trying to be reliant and righteous. Consider the bombing of Japan with Nuclear weapons. Was that a War Crime when 90% of casualties were civilian? The idea of War Crimes is just ridiculous and make people more likely to except the idea of War if it has rules. That is Dangerous!

Humanity vs Globalists
Humanity vs Globalists
1 year ago

Lexicon update-Nazis who work for the globalists are ok.
Terms such as untermenschen [subhuman], cockroach, are ok for white vodka man bad but Ivan has a long memory and keeps a files as they think all the WWIII-LARPERS posting up their faces and gear.
I thought this would be about Madeline Albright at first glance.
She of the it’s fine all those Iraqi children bombed and denied medicine and medical care fame.