Republicans Win at SCOTUS in Wisconsin Redistricting Case


The U.S. Supreme Court sided in favor of Wisconsin’s Republican-led Legislature on a redistricting issue. The Supreme Court won’t get involved in the challenge to Wisconsin congressional maps but says the state supreme court erred in imposing a legislative map with an additional Black district from the [Democrat] governor.  It’s a win for the GOP legislature.

It has Democrats on social media livid. They want to stack the court, claiming the Court is biased.


The nation’s highest court reversed a ruling from the Wisconsin Supreme Court that had selected the map drawn by Democrat Gov. Tony Evers. They sent the case back to the state for reconsideration.

“In a second unsigned ruling on Wednesday, which was one sentence long and noted no dissents, the court rejected a challenge from five Republican congressmen who objected to the congressional map adopted by the Wisconsin Supreme Court, which had also been prepared by Mr. Evers, a Democrat,” the New York Times reported.

“In the case on state legislative districts, lawyers for the Legislature and four voters filed an emergency application to the U.S. Supreme Court that called the governor’s map a 21st-century racial gerrymander, focusing on the fact that it increased the number of State Assembly districts around Milwaukee in which Black voters made up a majority to seven from six. The Legislature’s map dropped the number to five,” the report added.


Back in December, the Wisconsin Supreme Court sided with Republicans in a redistricting case that should keep the state’s boundaries intact for a decade.

In a 4-3 ruling, the court’s conservative majority said it would take a “least changes” approach to Wisconsin’s current legislative and congressional maps, effectively limiting any changes in political boundaries to population changes.

Democrats argued that those old maps – which were approved by the Republican-controlled legislature and signed by a Republican governor – were drawn to give the GOP a distinct political advantage and that the new maps should be redone entirely.

The state leadership is split with a Democrat governor in Tony Evers, who had vetoed the maps put forth by the Republican legislature this year.

But in its ruling, the court said there was no reason for it to step in because the maps already passed muster.

“The existing maps were adopted by the legislature, signed by the governor, and survived judicial review by the federal courts,” the decision, by the conservative majority court, said. “Treading further than necessary to remedy their current legal deficiencies…would intrude upon the constitutional prerogatives of the political branches and unsettle the constitutional allocation of power.”

“We adopt the least-change approach to remedying any constitutional or statutory infirmities in the existing maps because the constitution precludes the judiciary from interfering with the lawful policy choices of the legislature,” it said.


Democrats only want legislative maps changed if drawn by Republicans. They always use the phony racism ruse. In fact, they actually give undue voting power to the black population because they vote for Democrats.

The court refused to consider the fairness of the maps because it is a “purely political question.”

Eric Holder is trying to redistrict Republicans out of office throughout the country.

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The Great Leap Humanity
The Great Leap Humanity
1 year ago

O/T-LMFAO! Mystery Babylon Bee strikes again with confirmation hearing delayed when KBJ has trouble finding the women’s restroom.
Restrooms are a construct of the white male patriarchy and in the Great Reset Leap Forward an egalitarian slit trench latrine will be used in the spirit of equity and unity.
Forward! Yes we can!

Trotsky's Icepick
Trotsky's Icepick
1 year ago

Wiener/Holder was a funny agitprop from the early Year Zero era of the Immaculate Hussein and comrade kommissar Holder (CPUSA) did storm the dean’s office and occupy it with a loaded weapon during his Marxist U. days.

I always think about hero of the CCCP Ramón Mercador AKA Frank Jacson and his pick axe action in Mexico City for morale boost.
The Kalergi Plan means a Final Solution to the Whitey question.
Prep accordingly.

The Long Game
The Long Game
1 year ago

When the irrelevant SCOTUS gets involved, there will be a “I don’t know what a woman is” for that?
The worthless turds known as congress and SCROTUS should pack up and go home as they were deleted by the historic pen and phone.