CNN says there’s no way to tell one’s gender at birth


Some ideas are so stupid that only intellectuals believe them.

~ George Orwell

In an article on transgender rights and anti-transgender laws in Arkansas and Tennessee, CNN tells the viewers that it’s a fact no one can determine gender at birth.

The CNN “news” story by Lauren Holt states as truth that “Much of the legislation that is pending or has been adopted restricts athletes’ participation in public school sports to the gender that matches the sex that athletes were assigned at birth. But it’s not possible to know a person’s gender identity at birth, and there is no consensus criteria for assigning sex at birth (CNN).”

The author is a young woman fresh out of college who might believe what she is saying, but this is not a factual news story.

It is portrayed as such.

We need to start pushing back on this unscientific nonsense from the flat earthers of the Left or it will become our twisted belief system by fiat.

CNN is strictly a propaganda outlet for the hard-Left Democrats. Their ability to misinform would put Joseph Goebbels to shame.

The Federalist editor Mollie Hemingway quoted evolutionary biologist Colin Wright as saying, “Observing genitalia is the consensus criteria for determining one’s sex at birth. It is inaccurate only about 0.018% of the time. That’s approximately the same likelihood that a coin will land on its edge when flipped.

These Democrat elites are clowns who pretend we can’t know what it means to be male or female. You must fight it and speak out. Only then will they be stopped. It’s not violating transgender rights to do so. It is speaking the truth.

Democrats are trying to legislate this freakish view of the Democrat elites. The Equality Act has nothing to do with reality or equality.

Margaret McCarthy Harper writes about The Equality Act at the Wall Street Journal in an op-ed,  “At stake is the freedom of rational human beings to use a common vocabulary when speaking about what all can see. Also at stake are the countless vulnerable souls falling prey to the tyrannizing “gender identity” ideology and the medical atrocities that go with it. That is why religious freedom is also at stake. Religion is the last bastion of sanity.”

People are entitled to believe whatever they want, but they can’t claim it’s reality without facts, nor can they tell the rest of us we have to believe what we know not to be true.

It’s no small thing.

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1 year ago

God created male and female! What god created any other type of humans? God says he creates every baby in the womb, true isn’t it

1 year ago

Girls have a vagina, boys have a penis.

1 year ago

Liberals are trying to normalize mental illness because deep down Liberals know they are mentally ill.

1 year ago

Next time someone says they are “non-binary” say, Oh, you’re androgynous, a hermaphrodite.

1 year ago

It’s the only way to normalize perversions. Change the language.