Harrowing stories of sexual abuse of little children coming illegally


The children coming into the United States under Joe Biden’s open borders plan have been sexually and emotionally abused. The stories are horrifying. One little girl lost her voice as she was being raped.

Another little child doesn’t have any parents and her uncle is sponsoring her. But she has no idea how to find him. He’s in a state where it snows, that’s all she knows.

This is thanks to the administration that claims it wants to unite families. They encourage this disaster, and then lie about it.

Another girl had lost the phone number of a contact in the United States.

The parents or guardians send these children alone knowing full well of the abuse they might well suffer.

In this clip, U.S. Border Patrol official Oscar Escamilla gives an overview.

Erielle Davidson of the Heritage Institute tweeted, “Horrible. We’ve fostered a human trafficking industry at the border that targets children. By not tightening the border, we prop up human traffickers. We make their “transactions” possible. Shame on the Biden Administration.”


And business is booming. Thank you, Joe Biden.

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a face in the cloud
a face in the cloud
2 years ago

Jo Jo Biden just went back to Super Mario Kart and Hussein filled up a fresh pack in the comrade Karl gravity bong because they don’t a rip about any of it.
This just in from the Kamal-Bwahaha! LMFAO! Muh luxury dacha decorations come first.
Meanwhile Frances Piven is cheering in ecstasy as the burn it all down dream is within view.
Human misery and carnage is faculty lounge feature and never a bug.