CNN stirs up Nasty Ms. Markle trouble, London prepares blimps


Trump will be greeted by the Royals at Buckingham Palace next week for a state visit although the Trumps were not invited to stay overnight. CNN tried to stir up trouble with a comment he made about nasty Ms. Markle. The Palace has made no comment about his remark.

Markle’s husband Prince Harry will also meet the President but Meghan won’t. The palace said she is still on maternity leave.

Smear merchants/conspiracy theorists CNN [who are too crazy for the NY Times] gave an interview with the President to Britain’s Sun newspaper on Friday. CNN reported in its headline: “Trump tells The Sun: Meghan Markle is ‘nasty’”.

CNN is anti-American and wants to destroy our President on the world stage.

Actually, the President complimented her and meant her comment was nasty, not her.

We are very happy for the Duchess of Sussex, wish her well in her fairy tale marriage and best of good luck with her beautiful baby. That is all we will say about her.


The President will be greeted during the visit by Trump baby blimps, bigger than the last time, but put together by the same Antifa extremists and others. Hundreds of thousands of moonbats are expected to protest the President.

I think that underwhelming blimp is actually funny. It’s cute.

There’s also going to be a 16-foot talking robot version of Trump sitting on a golden toilet, which apparently has been shipped over to the UK from China. It shows Trump with his pants around his ankles, tweeting, and has fart sounds to accompany recorded soundbites of Trump saying, “No collusion,” “You are fake news,” and “I’m a very stable genius.”

Wow, keep it classy, London.

Toilet blimp

According to the Daily Mail, they plan to “paralyze” London with mass demonstrations during his visit. That will require 20,000 cops to be posted at 20 different events, costing the country millions of dollars. Two larger organizations – Stand Up To Trump and Stop Trump – are behind the protest, and they’re calling it a “carnival of resistance.”

London has the same crazies we have here.

What point can they possibly make? They hate Trump? They must also hate half of the USA. Who cares? The globalist extremists want the world to know his policies are “toxic.”

One of the spokespeople for Stand Up To Trump said that they plan to bring London to a standstill, so that by the time Trump left, “…he will know, and the world will know, that people here reject him and his toxic policies.”

Which ones would those be? Policies that put more minorities to work? The ones that help vets? Or is it his policies that call for borders?


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The Ugly American
The Ugly American
4 years ago

She rode the cock carousel like a champ before snagging some ginger dumbass royal.