CNN Wants Fox Out of Psaki Press Briefings with “Real News Organizations”


Fake News CNN, which can barely get a million viewers on their primetime shows, is quite upset that Fox News is allowed in to the White House to ask questions of Jen Psaki.

Don Lemon, who is watched by few, asked Stelter — known as the bald, fat guy — why the White House allows “Fox to pretend in the briefing room like they’re a real news organization?”

I can’t be the only one who is shaking his head at this point. CNN clowns are saying Fox News, aka Peter Doocy, is “pretending” to a be a real news organization. Doocy actually asks real questions unlike the rest of the Democrat Party toadies.

Stelter said that Fox “leans so far from reality that it’s imperiled the country.” This from a man who makes up the news to fit his leftist narratives.

Lemon added, “It’s obvious they don’t care about the truth.” CNN hasn’t cared about the truth in a very long time.

CNN is on shaky ground after years of fake news and viewership crashing and burning. Project Veritas caught them admitting to creating stories from whole cloth.

Fox beats them and MSNBC combined in the ratings.

Fox isn’t just a news show. It’s news during the day and opinion at night. That leaves them open to disinformation by their competitors.


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