CNN’s Cuomo is out of his mind over Trump making videos


Chris Cuomo calls out President Trump taking off his mask to salute Marine One and for making videos. He calls it propaganda.

All of CNN is propaganda.

He finds no such propaganda in anything Joe Biden does. Cuomo’s entire network is propaganda. He himself is a propagandist. Who can forget him dramatically emerging from his basement but later being caught without a mask while gathering with several people in East Hampton and then partying?

The President wanted to praise the professionals and encourage Americans to not let this rule their lives (I like the message):

Cuomo, brother King Andrew or is it, Emperor, Maximus Aurelius Cuomo, called Trump a ‘walking lie.’ CNN and Cuomo have built an entire network around calling President Trump a liar.

In fact, the President is the most outspoken, blunt, honest people in politics. His failing is his imprecise language, but he’s not a liar.

This is propaganda, overblown propaganda:

President Trump was outside when he took the mask off and there was no one around him. He put it back on as he went inside. Chris Cuomo has a problem with him making videos but, the ‘you can keep your doctor’ president Barack was not criticized by Cuomo. He LOVED him. No bias there.

President Trump made a video with one or two film people who looked like they dutifully wore N95 masks and they kept their distance, plus they volunteered to do it.

As usual, CNN’s minions are blowing everything way out of proportion. It’s more fake news, another crisis to get out the vote for senile Joe.

Chris Cuomo, on the other hand, is a complete fraud:

Chris hates the videos but not the endless videos Biden makes and Obama made. He can make 30 of them for all I care and why does petty Chris care?

He is defeating COVID (I love this one, it’s an ‘in your face’ to the left who wished him dead):

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