CNN’s idea of analysis — Trump is “fattest president” ever, physically incapable


A CNN analyst compared the ‘vigor’ of Hillary Clinton, who had to get thrown into the back of vans, to the hard-campaigning Donald Trump. Contributor David Frum, one of their deep thinkers called President Trump “one of the fattest presidents ever, the least physically capable president since Franklin Delano Roosevelt was in a wheelchair.”

Did he check out the ages of the leading Democrat candidates, especially Bernie with his bad ticker?

Has he missed all the rallies and all the successes the President has had? As for Franklin Delano, he gave away the store to Stalin at the end of his life, just as Hillary and Barack gave away Crimea, a uranium mine, and more to Russian President Putin.


Apparently, Frum and the dopey host haven’t taken a good look at Hillary and her outfits from Walmart’s drapery department aimed at covering her obesity. Perhaps he didn’t notice that Hillary didn’t even bother to campaign in key states.

Take a trip through memory lane with a few video clips:

These people are crazy and CNN is the craziest of all with its history of claiming a plane was swallowed into a black hole to consulting astrologers on Trump’s future. The good news is some of these hacks are in trouble.

McClatchy, a big anti-Trump newspaper conglomerate with over 30 newspapers in 14 states filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy. They own the Miami Herald, the Kansas City Star, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, and The Sacramento Bee.

CNN is a pathetic non-ratings getter but the haters keep it afloat.

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