MSM isn’t concerned Bernie’s a communist, WaPo calls for activism


NBC News is concerned that Republicans and President Trump might hammer Bernie Sander’s “long-buried words [and praise] in defense of governments in Nicaragua, Cuba and the USSR.”

NBC News isn’t concerned that the leading Democrat candidate has spent his entire career of forty years praising and supporting the worst Communist regimes on earth. They don’t seem to care that Bernie Sanders has attacked other revered Democrats like JFK for speaking against these hardcore communists.

What they are concerned about is that Republicans might use the facts against Sanders, who is a communist despite his claims of being socialist lite.

Trump’s long-buried words come back to haunt him but they can hardly compare with those of Bernie or even the other candidates. But the media doesn’t want any words to haunt Bernie who wants to overturn our capitalist government and replace it with an authoritarian government.

The entire article is an apologetic for Bernie’s career as a communist sympathizer  — at best. They even try to accuse the President of colluding with Russia to distract.

A Washington Post columnist wrote that he wants journalists to push harder on Trump. It’s a call for even more leftist activism. They prefer communist Bernie to the President. The great economy and job numbers mean nothing to these people.

Brit Hume and Byron York tweeted about it Sunday:

Our media is Orwellian. We have six organizations running all the media. How could that go well?

Bernie was a red diaper baby throughout his life:

Go to about 03:38 to hear breadline Bernie:

Bernie still feels exactly the same way. Heil Bernie!

All you have to do is look at his agenda. It is a communist agenda or you can listen to his words.

Declaring that Donald Trump is “the most dangerous president in modern American history,” Sanders vowed to a cheering crowd Sunday night, “We’re not only going to defeat Trump, we’re going to transform the United States of America.”

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