CNN’s ‘most deranged Russiagate conspiracist’ is Biden’s appointee to NSA


Left-wing CNN analyst, and Executive Editor of the Lawfare Blog, Susan Hennessey is joining the Justice Department. It is another example of the liberal network serving as a pipeline to the Biden administration.

Hennessey will serve as senior counsel for the department’s national security division after a stint at the Brookings Institution and the Lawfare blog.

As Glenn Greenwald said, Hennessey “was one of the most deranged Russiagate conspiracists of the last 4 years…”

Without any evidence, she pushed a theory she knew was false and now she’s in the NSA and will serve as a conduit to the Biden White House.

It does say it all. The corruption under Biden will continue to grow worse. It is stunning that they don’t care at all how it looks.



  1. Comrade Chairman loves the way her shampoo smells. (hee har!)
    She knows that Boris love Natasha forever and needs a position in the most popular regime evarz so there is no ‘splainin to do.
    This just in from muh Russia waiting on the Ukraine (CPUSA Honeypot) border…come get some Yankee.

    • She is an intelligence agency person. The media is filled with them. The agencies executed the first coup (Russian frame operation) and the third coup (election steal) and the one in between.

      She has been greatly rewarded with a big job for her Bullwinkle theme, she does not have a bit of sincerity in what she says. Lying is fundamental to the cause of turning the USA into a fascist dictatorship.

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