CNN’s New Boss Bans “The Big Lie” Talking Point


CNN’s new boss Chris Licht, age 50, banned staff from calling Donald Trump’s election fraud claims “the big lie” because it is a Democrat Party catchphrase. He made the comments during a conference call.

The Big Lie is a catchphrase referencing Hitler’s propagandist, Joseph Goebbels.

Earlier this month, The NY Post reported that partisans Brian Stelter and Jim Acosta might be forced out because they are too left-wing. They really have to get rid of more than those two, including Don Lemon.

According to Mediaite, the phrase has been said 168 times in the first half of June alone.

Hosts like Reliable Sources’ Brian Stelter are often fond of the phrase to the point where they use it prominently in graphic packages and chyrons, Daily Mail reports.

It’s one of many changes being made by Licht, who took over on May 2 from the deposed Jeff Zucker.

Licht, who officially took over at CNN on May 2, also said in a recent memo that he agrees with criticism from “people both inside and outside the organization” that the banners are overused on TV, Axios reported.

“It has become such a fixture on every channel and network that its impact has become lost on the audience,” he wrote. “We are truth-tellers, focused on informing, not alarming our viewers.”

CNN as truth-tellers is a big lie.

Licht said that CNN bureau chief Sam Feist had led a review to determine best practices for use of the Breaking News label, and added new rules to the network’s stylebook, or internal editorial guidelines.

“It certainly will need tweaks, so we are open to feedback, but this is a great starting point to try to make ‘Breaking News’ mean something BIG is happening,” said Licht of the new rules.

CNN will likely continue as a Democrat network but they will be smarter about it.

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