Officers Murdered by Gangster Freed by Soros DA George Gascon


The wife of a man who killed two Southern California police officers Tuesday in a shootout in a Los Angeles motel told a television station that her husband had previously attacked her. She was so afraid of him that she went to the motel to escape him.

Justin William Flores had his gang tattooed on his face. He was a member of the Whittier-based Quiet Village gang

The gunman, identified as Justin William Flores, was shot and killed at the scene. Look at his face. His gang is tattooed on his face.

His wife told KCBS-TV that he had attacked her two days ago and she had moved into the motel to escape him but he tracked her down.

“I am so deeply sorry, my deepest condolences for saving me, I’m so, so, so sorry,” Diana Flores tearfully told the TV station. “They didn’t deserve that, or their families. They really didn’t. They were trying to help me and I told them before they went in the room, ‘Don’t go in. He has a gun.’”

It wasn’t the officers’ fault. They were prepared but the dirtbag ambushed them.

“They were essentially ambushed while trying to keep a family safe,” El Monte Mayor Jessica Ancona said.

The officers — Cpl. Michael Paredes and Officer Joseph Santana, who were identified Wednesday — were both slain while investigating a possible stabbing at a motel in El Monte. Police managed to kill Flores.

The officers, together, have five young children who must now grow up without their fathers.

Police Cpl Michael Paredes and Officer Joseph Santana, cr. City of El Monte

Flores, 35, served two stints in state prison for vehicle theft and burglary, according to the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, and was most recently released in 2012.

Flores had the name of his gang tattooed on his face and was a three-strikes criminal. However, George Gascon, a Soros DA facing recall, let him out with two years probation.

Flores was on probation for a gun charge at the time of the shooting, which occurred a day after his probation officer requested that he return to court later in the month, court records show.

Flores’ criminal history dates back to when he was convicted of burglarizing his grandparents’ home more than 10 years ago, resulting in a strike. Gascon didn’t think that counted. Meanwhile, criminals, especially gang members, commit far more crimes than they are caught committing.

Police sources said Flores was also a member of the Whittier-based Quiet Village gang, the Los Angeles Times reported.

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