CO law allows person to choose a different gender without surgery


Read about Jude’s Law and tell us what you think.

Colorado residents, who claim to be transgender or “non-binary” can now obtain a “new” birth certificate with a name and gender change, without any proof of sex-change surgery, according to state law just put into effect.

As of January 1, “Jude’s Law” (HB19-1039) went into effect, named after 13-year-old “Jude,” a biological male, who told Fox 31 Denver he went to the vital records office on January 2 to “get my gender and name changed on my birth certificate.”

“I think a lot of us have lived as someone that we’re not,” Jude said. “And we’ve been identifying by something that wasn’t who we are. And for me, that brought a really dark place—a lot of self-hate.”

“I got my old birth certificate and I ripped it,” Jude added. “It was kind of a nice little closure to say, ‘I’m done with you. It’s over.’”

She will continue her activism to make this a federal law.

The socialist Democrats in Colorado seized control of the legislature recently and made it happen.

You can listen to her at age 10 with her mother:

I know I will get flak for this but 13 is too young to transgender. The transgender issue has become politicized and there are too many crazy parents who need to be stopped. It is literally a craze and children moving into adulthood are confused enough.

In fact, Jude became an activist at age 9 at the behest of LGBT groups. Nine!

Also, if a person hasn’t had the surgery, they should get therapy for their gender issues until adulthood.

This is crazy. Gender is not subjective and it’s an ID. You can’t just say you are something you are not on public records. I can’t tell the DMV I have black hair and blue eyes because I feel like it. It denies biology, in other words, it denies reality.

What do you think?

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