Colbert says vote out 2A lawmakers and treat self-defense like driving


Stephen Colbert blamed Trump’s Kung Flu comment for attacks on Asian-Americans, which are almost exclusively committed by Black youths. He is a dupe for the Chinese Communists and their propaganda machine.

Kung Flu was a joke at a rally that DJT picked up elsewhere.

Colbert now wants Americans to vote out lawmakers who support the Second Amendment. The far-left unfunny comedian made his comments during his really unfunny monologue.

He wants to treat our right to self-defense like one treats the right to drive a car, with a license, registration, excessive costs, and proper obeisance to Big Brother. Only the rich, criminals, and politicians will have guns.

He slammed the Colorado State Shooting Association (CSSA) as “gun apologists” after they asked to allow a time to grieve before going on about guns.

“That’s what they say every time this happens. And that’s what I say about what they say every time they say it every time it happens,” Colbert said.

We should also wait until we have the facts, but he mocked that idea too when Lauren Boebert said it.

He attacked Rep. Boebert for stating that Congress needed to “[wait for] important information and details” before instantly calling for gun control following the Boulder attack.

Then he went after Senator John Kennedy for saying we don’t have a gun problem, we have an idiot problem. Kennedy was euphemistically addressing the cause of the problem, not the weapon the killers choose.

“Oh, we definitely have an idiot control problem,” Colbert said. “It’s people who don’t recognize that this country has long had a gun problem, John Kennedy. So when idiots like John Kennedy refuse to do anything about getting rid of idiots’ guns, it’s clearly time to get rid of idiots like John Kennedy. And that means voting them out!”

The night comedians and the Left as an entity have ruined comedy. The only comedy that escapes the cancel culture is that which rips apart DJT and his supporters or Republicans in general.

The Left destroys everything it touches — everything.

Fake comedian Colbert is a CCP stooge and a bore who couldn’t make it any other way. He definitely doesn’t want to wait for facts, he just wants your guns. Does anyone really believe Colbert cares at all about the ten white victims in a Kosher-oriented grocery by a Syrian-born Muslim?

In the clip, he said he’s not trying to perfectly equate self-defense and driving a car, but he perfectly equates the solution.

This is extremely painful to listen to:

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