Colin Kaepernick Releases an Anti-Police Docuseries


Kaepernick in his Castro t-shirt

Colin Kaepernick has a new docuseries coming out that demonizes all police, in line with the far-left agenda. Kaepernick, who was raised with mddle class white people, and who is half-white, could no longer make it on the football field and was recruited as the poster boy for the WOKE agenda that involves destroying our justice system. He’s now pretending he’s part of the black experience.

The timing of the release is deliberate no doubt. Why anyone would take Kaepernick seriously is a mystery. He probably isn’t bright enough to come up with the idea of kneeling to protest police brutality, but his radical girlfriend is.

No one will talk about the gang problem that far exceeds anything small numbers of bad cops might do.

Officer Tatum discusses this attempt to paint all police as violent thugs in the clip below.

via youtube

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
4 months ago

He did not want to play football. He had a football contract and he declined it. He then played victim and made tens of millions on advertising. He did not show up to arranged tryouts. The leftist NFL and leftist commissioner catered to him in every way. Now he wants to be a producer to cause more unrest and play the victim again.

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
4 months ago

When you can’t do anything else useful, become a celebrity so people will listen to your drivel.

4 months ago

This hypocritical racist needs a good beat down to shut him up and make him go away for good. He was a lousy QB, and is a moron. Only the far left will believe anything this dumbass says, so it wont have a very big audience. Kind off like the AOC movie, in which nobody went to see. These people dont get it, the vast majority of people are moderate and don`t believe the crap these Communists are spewing.