Firefighters Battle an Untimely Massive Fire at a Large Egg Farm


Firefighters are battling a massive fire at an egg factory as avian flu and Bidenomics decimate the supply of eggs.

There has been extensive damage to the chicken coop at the Bozrah egg farm in Hillandale, Connecticut. The cause of the fire is still unknown.

The Salvation Army is on the scene providing food and nourishment to first responders.

The Department of Agriculture said it has been in touch with the leadership at Hillandale. Currently, the DOA is not responding but continuing to monitor the situation.

Many believe these fires are manufactured to cause a food shortage.

The irony is Biden’s ramping up his campaign, and he plans to run on this economy with supply shortages and inflation. Democrats claim a strong report on the economy even as they adjust the CPI again to hide inflation. It didn’t slow him down in 2022, so he must be on to something.

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