College Freshman Asks Stelter Questions He Can’t Answer


During a Disinformation forum hosted by The Atlantic, a college freshman named Christopher Phillips asked Brian Stelter questions he couldn’t and didn’t answer. A new CNN boss calls Stelter, host of Reliable Sources, a “cancer”, and we imagine that could spell the end of Stelter’s run on CNN.

Mr. Phillips asked him about every major hoax that CNN has hawked.

At first, Stelter joked that it was time for lunch. Then he told the young man he must be watching a different channel. Basically, he answered a different question and took a minute to do it. He also bragged about how CNN staff help people when they’re on site.

Oh, and he said that’s a “popular right-wing narrative.” Stelter is just another political activist and he’s dishonest.

Asking Brian Stelter, aka Tater, about disinformation is like asking Joe Biden about the theory of relativity.


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