Columnist says media should have pushed Kamala because of her race


Jonathan Capehart claims the media is guilty of ignoring Kamala Harris. He made his comments on AM Joy. Capehart is a columnist with The Washington Post and he thinks the media should promote Black candidates because of their race.

He can’t understand why Kamala failed, even after her abysmal criminal justice record was exposed. There is also the fact that she has a decidedly unlikeable personality.

Capehart thinks the media ignores her, and falsely claims she was leading in the polls.

She never led in the polls and is barely registering now because of her own failings and personality.

“It is unfortunate. I think part of the problem is the polls,” Capehart told Joy Reid. “The media chases whoever is leading in the polls. Let’s not forget there was a time when Senator Harris was leading in the polls. She was the new bright shiny object. Her launch in Oakland with 10,000 or so — more than 10,000, I think it was 20,000 people there in Oakland was the best launch but then she started sliding in the polls and so people discounts your candidacy.”

Capehart pulled the race card and argued the media should pay more attention to her because of race. The reason he gave is Black people will soon be “the majority in this country.

“As Tiffany has been saying, we are becoming the majority in this country,” Capehart continued. “The country is looking more and more like us. So when will our stories, our views, the complexity and new nuances of our views be reflected in the media that’s being reflected back to us?”

Black people are favored now, often unfairly so. He sounds like a Black Supremacist, and MSNBC will always promote these extreme views.


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