Comedian Dave Chappelle attacks Candace Owen’s views


Comedian Dave Chappelle talked about the death of George Floyd in a 27-minute routine. As everyone knows, Mr. Floyd was brutally murdered by a police officer. It was an event that hurt the black community most of all.

During his act, he attacked Candace Owens who said Mr. Floyd is being made into a hero. Dave Chappelle expresses the view of many in the black community and does not feel anyone made the murdered man into a martyr or a hero. Personally, I disagree with Mr. Chappelle on that point. Nancy Pelosi herself called George Floyd a “martyr.” Nevertheless, this is how many black people feel. You can’t discount that.

His remarks against Ms. Owens were very vulgar, but this is what many, apparently the majority, in the black community would say and we need to know that. Chappelle felt her comments about his criminal record should not have mattered as she expressed her views in a video.

I strongly disagree with his views on Candace Owens but I am trying to understand the viewpoint.

He spoke about several other crimes or what he thinks are crimes against blacks.

Chappelle said every institution they trust lies to them.

The comedian called Laura Ingraham a “bitc#” and a “cu##.” He didn’t like her telling LeBron to “shut up and dribble.”

I strongly disagree but it is how he feels.

He was also upset about the death of Eric Garner and felt it was murder, along with other cases he describes.

This might be upsetting to the right, but this is how a lot of people in the black community feel. They have a reason to be upset over the death of George Floyd. It was terrible.

White conservatives support Candace Owens and won’t appreciate his comments, however, we mustn’t keep losing black supporters because we don’t agree with every thing they say.

Mr. Floyd didn’t deserve what happened to him and it seriously affected the black community. We need to try and understand that.



President Trump met with his black supporters, including pastors, after he retweeted Candace Owens video about George Floyd. They told him that they view Candace Owen’s criticism of Mr. Floyd as “anti-black.” Black conservatives are “overwhelmingly opposed” to her views.

That is important to know. You don’t have to agree, but you have to respect their independent views. They have a different perspective.

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Bob Jones
Bob Jones
3 years ago

Any argument or discourse needs to be rooted in both evidence and facts. Chapelle’s argument is based upon emotion and he’s vulgar and vindictive. He comes across at stupid and immature. It’s a shame that millions of people in the USA have no ability to establish facts or reason. That’s really scary.

3 years ago

Chappelle is wrong. Floyd was definitely made into both a hero and a martyr. Chappelle seems to be attacking both sides, so where does that leave him? He hasn’t been clear on his position. Not that I care what his position is, but if you are going to criticize both sides, it’s relevant to know where someone stands on a matter.

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
3 years ago

Black strategy to shield from any criticism of their use of symbolism to gain victim status

John Vieira
John Vieira
3 years ago

Aye !!!