Mayor Jenny isn’t planning on taking back downtown Seattle, it’s summer of love


Mayor Jenny Durkan thinks President Trump is too bellicose when it comes to the lunatics who took over an area in Seattle. When Chris Cuomo asked how long it could go on, she said they “could have a summer of love.”

She doesn’t believe in a militant response of any kind to these fringe lunatics who formed their own country called CHAZ (Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone) in the middle of downtown Seattle. They are heavily armed, extorting business owners, and took over six to eight blocks with stores and residences of 500 people.

Durkan and the media barely mention the takeover by people calling themselves communists. And they mock the right for their concerns.


She actually said that. The woman is awful as mayor but probably reflects the values of the residents. They did vote for her.

By way of comparison, recall how the media treated the Bundy takeover of a remote, barely-used outpost in a park:


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billybob texas
billybob texas
3 years ago

Hey, folks – back off…’s THEIR city – and if they are just having a loveliest – and not torching the place….LEAVE THEM ALONE….as long as they don’t destroy the place.
We will NOT win by sending in the Troops. Optics will be VERY bad. If they start burning and looting – all bets of – go clean out the ratnest. If not – leave them alone.

This is NOT ‘winnable’ by overpowering force on a ‘peaceful protest’. ESPECIALLY since those that own the City – the Mayor and Council approve of this….

3 years ago

We need to see More of This:

It took ONE hit on the car for police to jump out IN FORCE. As soon as another makes a move on an officer That person is taken down, without hesitation. You can SEE how WELL trained they are. This is Not anger, but the look of Total “focus”, especially the female officer. These aren’t a bunch of fat, overweight, out of shape officers like some videos having rows of overweight ones. I remember a time when officers had to Maintain a certain level of fitness.

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
3 years ago

She is following the Socialist Alternative playbook which is completely Communism.