Coming Soon! The Second Wave of Venezuelan Killers


A second wave of Venezuelan gangsters is coming over the border as the country’s prisons release at least 100 inmates who are killers. Those are the killers they released since Friday — the ones we know about. They plan to release others to come to the United States. was the first to report on the first wave of Venezuelan gangsters to cross the border and filter into American cities – including henchmen for dictator Nicolas Maduro and members of the notorious Tren de Aragua gang.

Now, more gang bangers and thugs who had been locked away are being released, according to a government official.

“Since Friday, we have been carrying out an operation in the state of Miranda looking into preventative centers and prisons,” Supreme Court of Justice Magistrate Edgar Gavidia said, adding that 100 prisoners had already been turned loose.

“We’re looking case-by-case at anyone, giving justice to those who at one time made a mistake in their lives to expedite justice.”

Speaking to on Wednesday, Miami immigration attorney Rolando Vazquez warned: “These are killers.”

Arm up. An officer here in New York told me to get a concealed carry permit because it will get a lot worse, he emphasized “a lot worse.”

Mr. Vasquez calls it an invasion but says it depends on how you define “invasion.”

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