Oh My God, Watch This O’Keefe Operation with a Pentagon Official


Clown World Pentagon

James O’Keefe, of OMG, went undercover and spoke with Jason Beck, Associate Director, Total Force Requirements and Sourcing Policy office of the Secretary of Defense. Beck told O’Keefe that the only ones who should have guns are government employees. He wants the Supreme Court packed so they can’t stop legislation he wants to see as a policy maker, such as abolishing the Second Amendment, abolishing the Senate, and instituting universal health care.

He wants to use a politicized judicial system to take all of our freedoms aw

“There’s so many things you could do,” Beck said to the fake gay guy, James O’Keefe.

Beck wants to open the border completely by tearing down the wall.

Let all the Bad Guys In & Disarm Americans

“I think we should repeal the Second Amendment and take the guns all away!” says Jason Beck, who has a classified security clearance and works for the Department of Defense. The Pentagon official, who uses a fake name Aiden Grey in his meetings with a disguised James O’Keefe, describes his extremist policies, including “mobilizing the national guard” to confiscate guns from people’s homes. Beck says he wants a “monopoly on state violence,” a concept he describes as “‘We {the government), are the only ones with guns.”

Beck is a principal policymaker and adviser to the President. He says he helps “writes answers for testimony” of “the department’s senior leadership – basically they go over to the Hill for hearings on the department’s posture.”

His office is a DEI crapfest. Beck also discusses his “bottom surgery’ being painful and the changes to his plumbing.

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