Coming Soon to Your Hood- Afghanis, Pakistan Doesn’t Want


Pakistan doesn’t want Afghan refugees, so Joe Biden will take them in because he is such a humanitarian. We really need more refugees marching down 5th Avenue in New York shouting, “Hitler was right” and “Intifada”?

Afghanistan is one of the worst terror-ridden countries. They practice the most extreme form of Islam, and their women walk around in full Burkas.

Barack Obama’s claim that we are a Muslim nation is coming true. We already have 9.5 million unvetted people who crossed under his corrupt administration, and now Biden’s accepting more.

How many are we getting? Somewhere between 25,000 and 1.7 million people that Pakistan is deporting.

Joe is such a great guy.


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Save America
Save America
2 months ago

The end of America as we know it. I hope I’m wrong.