Coming to America, Germany Shuts down the Escalators


The energy crisis is here but people won’t realize what a disaster it is until they can’t heat their homes or fill up their gas tanks. Then the chaos and riots predicted by the World Economic Forum will come true.

Millions of people are behind in their electric bills in the United States. An article in the Wall Street Journal explained that Brits are looking at an 80% increase in their utility bills. In France and Germany, electric has increased 1,000% in a year. Germany and Spain tried green energy and now they don’t have enough energy. This was all easily predictable. The US is ignoring what is going on in Europe on their march to Greentopia.


Department stores and malls across Germany have begun switching off escalators or limiting their use, in the latest bid to save energy, German tabloid Bild reported on Saturday.

Escalators are out of action in several stores of the German electronics chain Saturn, and in department store giants Karstadt and Galeria Kaufhof and limited in ECE shopping centre during mornings and evenings. The furniture giant IKEA is reportedly considering a similar step.

“We started saving energy on lighting and escalators. We do this as much as possible trying not to affect our customers” Galeria-Kaufhof sales group chief Miguel Müllenbach told the media.

Also, outdoor advertising, storefront and monument lighting  will be turned off from 10pm to 6am local time. Store owners will be urged to refrain from keeping their doors open for too long, to preserve heat.

Germany is grappling with natural gas supply problems via the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline, which has been operating at only 40% of capacity since June, providing some 67 million cubic meters a day. The decrease occurred due to the delayed return of gas turbines after scheduled maintenance in Canada, resulting from Ottawa’s sanctions against Russia.


Russian state-owned energy giant Gazprom confirmed on Tuesday it had cut off off gas supplies to French utilities company Engie. The Paris-based firm has failed to pay for July gas deliveries in full, the St. Petersburg major explained.

Gazprom informed Engie that it would cease the gas deliveries starting September 1 until the moment it gets the payment for the already supplied gas in full, the energy giant said in a statement. It also noted that the French side had failed to make the payment by Tuesday evening, making any further gas deliveries impossible under Russian law.


Inflation in Belgium jumped to 9.94% in August, just short of the 1976 record of 9.96%, data from the country’s Statbel statistics agency showed on Tuesday.

Analysts largely attribute the spike to a surge in energy prices, which accounts for roughly half of the total inflation.

“Energy inflation is now running at 49.81%, compared to 49.11% last month and 55.99% in June. Electricity is now 57.2% more expensive than a year ago. Natural gas is 106.9% more expensive than in August last year. The price of domestic heating oil, calculated based on a smoothed 12-month moving average, has increased by 52.6% in one year. Motor fuels are 21.0% more expensive than last year,” the agency stated.

Food prices in the country also surged 9.71%, but they make up only 1.92% of the over


The US doesn’t have enough energy and our rates are going up. We can see it coming and the Left seems to want it that way as we head for Green New Deal heaven.

Welcome to Biden’s inflation and energy crisis. We didn’t have that under Donald Trump.

Col. MacGregor said the real problem is that Joe Biden has done everything possible to stop investments in fossil fuels. He stopped the pipelines and we haven’t built a refinery since the 1970s.

MacGregor said there was no preparation for the handling of the Ukraine war, namely sanctions, that has hurt the West and not Russia. It will hit Europe first and it will hit very hard this winter.

Tucker said that we are lifetimes away from switching to renewables.


Oh, and by the wy, look what’s happening to a little coffee shop in Westmeath.

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Popeye the Project Boy
Popeye the Project Boy
6 months ago

Anybody who watched the movie, “Hunger Games,” can see where our world is heading.

Last edited 6 months ago by Popeye the Project Boy
Harrison Pendleton
Harrison Pendleton
6 months ago

Don’t think for one moment that the US Democrat Party’s neo-nazis and race-haters (think Joe Biden, Zelensky, Pelosi, Clintons et al) have been eradicated. The malicious parasites continue to operate in full force here and abroad. They simply changed their monstrous tactics and methods used by the old war criminals.

6 months ago

I wonder! Are the Germans still laughing at DJT? I sure hope so. They can chuclle all the way to the gallows.

6 months ago

It’s what they get for listening to woketards and Biden.

6 months ago

People will turn on the World Economic Forum Cult, the Environmentalist, the Communist, and finally Democrats. They will sweep these scourges from humanity or be devoured by them. We are in a War for Survival, it is us, or them because we are dealing with Ideological Psychopaths who don’t believe in God, because have convinced themselves that they are superior to God.

Traitor Joe is at war in Ukraine to protect his WEF Cult masters. Traitor Joe is forcing Putin to crush Europe to win against the WEF Cult. Millions will possibly freeze this Winter and that will be Traitor Joe’s doing. Traitor Joe destroyed the Worlds energy production system. Traitor Joe is a senile old poppet with Psychopaths pulling his strings. What Traitor Joe has shown us is just how fragile a one world economy will be.