Mob Calls for Intifada at the University of MI


In the clip on this link and this link,  you can hear the violent fascists – who support the terrorist group Hamas – call the police “pigs,” telling them to go home. They’re also calling for Intifada. It’s ironic hearing the hardcore leftists call the police fascists when it’s exactly what they are.

Police protect and serve, but these disrespectful, ill-taught youth are trying to destroy the United States. Just go through Mr. Gutenschwager’s X feed for more information.

The rioters made it into the school building. If they are students, they need to be expelled. Biden has already made it clear he won’t deport any of them, and some appear to be foreigners. Biden and his Obama staff make the situation much worse.

The youth are calling for an Intifada – an uprising. There have been three Palestinian Intifadas over the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. The Intifada developed into a well-organized rebellion. Masses of civilians attacked Israeli troops with stones, axes, Molotov cocktails, hand grenades, and firearms supplied by Fatah, killing and wounding soldiers and civilians.

They already massacred about 1400 Israelis on October 7, most of them innocent families. That was their latest uprising. These screaming youth are making Hamas into the victims, as they pretend anything they do to Israelis is okay.

There is no Palestine, and when they had opportunities for another state, they ruined it with their behavior or because they just wanted to kill Jews.

No nation in the world is willing to take them in. Can’t understand why. Could it be because they’re raised from early childhood to hate and kill?

It is heartbreaking how no Palestinians can or will try to break the cycle perpetrated by the UN, which pays for the hate training of children. There is no reason in the world for these children to be so full of hate.

It’s not even a religion. It’s a political system posing as religion.

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