Commie Mayor de Blasio still hot on the case of religious Jews


NYC rats

Anti-Semitic mayor Bill de Blasio is accused of targeting and frightening New York’s Jews again this past weekend after police raided a Yeshiva on the word of some neighborhood rats. This is the same totalitarian who said he would have people pulled out of the water at the beach if they dared go in.

But…but it’s for safety and their own good!

All totalitarians say that.

New Yorkers in large numbers are now ignoring communist mayor Bill de Blasio’s draconian rules of social distancing but he managed to find a Jewish school with 60 young people to raid.

Has he ever gone into a mosque? Stupid question, I know [Not that I want him to single them out either, I DON’T!]. But he does ignore them and seeks out Jews. He sent half-a-million Halal meals to Muslims on Ramadan but didn’t send Kosher meals to Jews on Passover. Just sayin’.

All religious leaders, especially Jewish leaders need to speak out. These hardcore leftists must be shown some type of resistance.

“Talmud says, ‘the law of the land is the law,’” Natfuli Moster, founder of the yeshiva reform group YAFFED, told The NY Post Monday. “Yeshiva leaders need to restore cultural compliance with state and local regulations. This applies to all guidelines pertaining to children’s schooling.”

Only it’s not the law of the land. It’s the rule of a communist mayor. It’s time to sue, with all due respect.

The police went there on a ‘tip’ from at least two neighborhood busybodies – rats – who saw some children playing on the roof without masks — allegedly. Were they six feet apart? We don’t know.

City and state orders prohibit large gatherings and require that residents wear masks in public as a precaution against the coronavirus pandemic.

The Jewish students had masks on in that Yeshiva.

If a person is the requisite — though arbitrary six feet away — they don’t need a mask. It’s an absurd rule. When did they decide you have to wear them all the time? Last I heard, we only needed them when we were close to someone.

Police said there were about 60 people inside Nitra Yeshiva at 841 Madison Avenue in Bedford-Stuyvesant when cops showed up before noon and started to clear the building.

“All they did was go to the school and told the students to disperse,” an NYPD spokesman told The Post. “There were no summonses or arrests. They complied and left on their own accord.”

Why not send his ambassadors then, the ones that our federal tax dollars fund?

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