Watch reporter flip out as Dr. Drew says President was right


Our reporters today can’t read and can’t report. In this clip, we see a reporter constantly spew incorrect statements, and he’s sure he’s right. He wants to believe hydroxychloroquine can’t help anyone and is too dangerous to be used as a prophylaxis.

More proof reporters don’t want to know the truth

This reporter wanted to make a story out of President Trump taking hydroxychloroquine as prophylaxis. The White House doctor has come out and said he did okay it since it’s better if he does. The doctor had to do that because reporters were accusing the President of lying.

The left and the media have accused the President of lying when he’s not since before he was elected.

Nothing the President said two days ago was in error, but still, the left is making a fake news story out or it, counting on all of us being as dumb as they are.


Speaking of dumb, watch Joy Behar flip out on Rep. Kelly who took the drug when he was ill with coronavirus — it helped him but she was incapable of absorbing that.



  1. Compared to the Soviet era, Izvestia and Pravda (today CNN,CBS,PBS) both newspapers of propaganda as they were called out by the modern time fake news at that time produced a great deal of intellectual propaganda news. Todays journalists are no longer journalists, they lack intellectual curiosity and have become trash pushers, not even yellow journalists. What a childish, infantile argument about the effectiveness of Hydroxychloroquine as this drug was overall chosen as the most effective COVID-19 treatment Spain 72%, Italy 49%, Brazil 41%, Mexico 39%, France 28% and the US 17%. That trash-pusher who attacked Dr.Drew is a brainless, stupid and idiotic low life individual clothed in a suit that is more valuable than his deranged brain. Every drug, prescribed or over the counter has positive and sometimes adverse effects.

  2. These so-called reporters are totally ignoring the fact that hydroxychloroquine has a 60+ year history of being safe for a variety of ailments. But then, they seem to always ignore facts that don’t fit their narrative. I, personally, have been on the drug for 15 years with no side effects.

  3. If anyone should take it, it should probably be the President with all the people roaming around the WH. That would include the scumbag media.

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