Communist central planning results in ghost cities and malls


There are areas in China that remind one of a Star Trek episode where time has slowed and the visitors watch and wait for time to catch up and people to appear.

The empty cities and malls of China might indicate that all is not what it seems when we talk about China’s booming economy.

Their huge infrastructure projects wait for customers and residents.

Ironically, some Chinese are concerned about increasing polarization and fears of uprisings by the poor. The statist society doesn’t cure societal problems as they would have us believe.

The country is filled with ghost cities and no one lives in them. The media is now pretending people are finally moving in, but that’s hardly the case.

That is the problem with central planning by communists.

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2 years ago

Well, that’s Not good. Not so long ago many of those in cities were putting all their savings into “investments” in those Ghost Cities. I guess it can be called “make work” projects. What they are calling modern, I call Gaudy. The best looking place I’ve ever seen is Portmeirion Wales. It was a stunning achievement in architectural design.

On the flip side of a Ghost City is the “Factory City”, serfdom in modern times.

Trotsky's Icepick
Trotsky's Icepick
2 years ago

What if the comrades dropping in the street from COV videos were fake?
Our good buddy commies wouldn’t lie to us would they?!
Naw, we are all equal and the same in the egalitarian sewer pipe neo-feudal serf plantation.
No one nation would try to rule over the world, we are a Benetton rainbow utopia with good feelz and free underwear and tacos for all!
Ghost malls and cities are coming to Chiquitastan…by design.
Forward! Yes we can!