Communist China accused of sealing living people in body bags, cremating them (video)


One Wuhan resident said critically ill people are being sealed up in body bags while still alive and then sent to be cremated.

Chinese people are warning sites like Bloomberg to stop reporting Chinese numbers as if they were legitimate. Communist Chinese even have a banner over one establishment offering congratulations for spreading the illness to Japan and the United States.

We need to demand reparations and we need to immediately make our drugs in the homeland, not China!




  1. Must we ask why the CCP Virus released in the West Is more virulent than the one released in Wuhan? The answer is simple and obvious. This is no accident. It was a deliberate attack with a WMD. The CCP Virus created at the Wuhan Bioweapons Laboratory is less virulent because it was to be released in China for the purpose of camouflaging their attacks. The CCP Virus released in the West was created to be far more virulent and lethal. Folks, the CCP has struck the West with a weapon far more lethal than Pearl Harbor and 9/11. They have launched WW III and no one has noticed. Millions will die and China plans to emerge as the leading world power. The US must respond with a massive nuking of all CCP military installations and scientific centers. I don’t care if we kill a billion Chinese. The CCP deliberately planned and executed the ultimate horror on us and they have to not only be paid back but totally devastated.

  2. Ned you be reminded that Pelosi’s husband who among other interests is in the shipping business, They own StarKist Tuna. whose products are processed in contaminated filthy unsanitary conditions in China, that is shipped to the US and other countries? Smithfield meats also has it’s meat that is produced in the US shipped to China for processing under the same contaminated conditions and then sent back to the US for purchase and consumption.It was under the Obama administration that had where products were proceed removed from labels of food products. There is a documentary available that was made about this disgusting practice.that has been shown on TV and throughout the food industry. I’m not defending Mitch but it’s important to know more than just a snipit of information. Stay healthy.

  3. How about our good communist buddies. They are like all progressive like as they like build utopia.
    All kidding aside they also have mobile execution vans in the worker’s utopia.
    Would you believe that they execute corrupt government officials but they are probably the ones that got too grabby or that are not part of the ruling families.

  4. Not surprising…this is a “step up” vis a vis the Red Guards….would not doubt it one bit that many of those sealed in “body bags” and cremated were “dissidents”…

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